Why FORM42-195?

FORM = Formation 42-195 = The length of the marathon.

The marathon metaphor is soon served! And out of the immediacy of an easy parallelism, we find the points that unite the FORM42-195 project and our services (we call them “Experiences“) with the oldest and noblest of sports.

The marathon is:

  • within the reach of everyone, no one excluded;
  • a common space for women and men, young and old;
  • the only sport practice that requires no facilities or facilities, only ourselves;
  • training, discipline, self-improvement;
  • effort, willpower in being able to manage our own resources independently;
  • satisfaction with intermediate or partial results;
  • beautiful to live and tell about… as Shizo Kanakuri surely must have done who completed his marathon by achieving the incredible time of 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes, 20 seconds and 3 tenths!.

Stories, narratives, experiences and work will allow us to find the cue we need to take a shot toward our own change.

We are able, thanks to our professional and personal experience, to provide valuable support during the different stages of start-up and development of an entrepreneurial activity, as well as in those of transformation-change of an already established small-medium business.

We organize training “experiences” aimed at future entrepreneurs who want to realize their business idea but need to deepen their knowledge related to “doing business”.

We believe in young people and that is why we have carried out multiple Job Orientation activities aimed at high school students.

All through accessible and measurable means(1), correct analysis(2), out-of-the-scheme choices(3), able to increase their awareness, facilitating the process of improvement and the ability to overcome difficult moments.

(1) Canvas models

(2) Experience, compare, work, share, work, compare, experience, share…

(3) Design Thinking Techniques.