Forestae was founded in 2016 as a communications agency with professionals from different areas of specialization, but with a single goal: to provide clients with support that is not only operational and creative, but also strategic and consultative. 

Today Forestae is a company that offers marketing and communication consultancy and services. It serves for-profit and nonprofit organizations that are on a path of growth and transformation; Forestae supports them by offering strategic, creative and sustainable support, with a focus on innovation, digital and impact.

The company was born in Torino (Italy), where the headquarter is still located; tools and working methodology allow the team, collaborators and clients are also based elsewhere; remote working is now well established.

How we work

We work alongside organizations with a strategic and consultative approach. We understand the organization’s needs and available resources together to develop a strategy and activity plan. 

Our planning approach:

  • We start with questions before proposing solutions
  • We involve stakeholders, because everyone has something usefull to bring to the table
  • We map the existing, because it is important to start with what we have.
  • People are the focus of our thoughts, because we design meaningful solutions for users, not for us.
  • We apply design thinking, from the analysis to project development
  • We experiment from day one, to start light and focus on what works, without wasting our budget
  • We work in a circular process, to proceed in small steps, create iterations and include feedback from users and stakeholders
  • We measure activities, to make decisions by interpreting data and not our feelings.