Fondazione Torino Musei conserves and manages the historical and artistic heritage of the City of Torino.

Our mission is to preserve heritage, shape research, exhibit and to communicate art collections and historical monuments, making them open and accessible to the public, thereby serving the community.

The museums managed by the Foundation are the GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Palazzo Madama – Museo Civico d’Arte Antica, and the MAO – Museo d’Arte Orientale. Fondazione Torino Musei is the sole partner of Artissima S.r.l.

The foundation pays close attention to issues of accessibility and education, for children and young people of all ages and their families; it provides support for the development of artistic and curatorial projects on a regional level; it interacts with businesses in the territorial and international socio-economic fabric to foster collaboration between cultural and entrepreneurial players; it defines its cultural contents in relation to a perspective on the world that permits valorization of its own heritage, programming and exporting its exhibitions.

A foundation between Past, East and Future, to connect us and to teach us the value of sharing.