Fondazione Pudens was born in 2020, from the idea of ​​a couple of Turin entrepreneurs, driven by the desire to act in support of needs, which heavily affected society and, in particular, the weakest.

Urban Art, passion above all, with its many talented representatives and ability to communicate, is the tool that helped and is helping us in our projects.

“We like interconnection, face-to-face confrontation, not only because unity is strength but also because we believe that a highly technological world also needs that element of primordial humanization to understand the real needs of the most fragile and needy people”.

The representative office of the Pudens Foundation is at the innovation Square Center of Sigit Spa in Turin: the square is the place for meetings and relationships between those who expose problems and those who propose solutions.

The square is where benefactors, contemporary art lovers, artists, volunteers, suppliers, and representatives of the weaker sections of society meet.

There is no distance or prejudice in the square but only the opportunity to improve our beautiful Turin.