More than twenty years at the service of arts and culture
Fitzcarraldo is an operative foundation focusing on groundbreaking approaches in research, consulting, training and documentation on cultural, arts and media management, economics and policies. We serve and inspire all those who create, practice, produce, participate, promote and support the arts and culture.

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo is engaged in

  • ensuring that cultural and artistic development is viewed as impacting on many public policies and that it can serve to build an invaluable bridge in complex inter-sectorial policies;
  • stimulating, helping and flanking cultural and artistic organisations in innovation processes which pursue goals of social, cultural and economic importance;
  • promoting opportunities for meetings and reflection to generate awareness of issues pertinent to policies, processes, products and projects of an artistic and cultural nature in the contemporary context;
  • collecting and making accessible research, knowledge and awareness, perceived as heritage to be available to civil society.



  • Investigations on the socio-economic impact of investments and cultural events
  • Research on cultural participation and consumption; cultural welfare; the relationship between culture and health; business models for cultural and creative industries

Strategic project design

  • Support for public bodies in drafting cultural policies
  • Local strategic project design to promote cultural heritage
  • Strategic project design and audience development activities
  • Assisting public bodies in editing competitions and defining norms and rulings
  • Analysis and buiding of complex governance structures (public-private, participation, etc.)

Feasibility studies

  • Undertaking studies on how heritage sites can enjoy a renewed function and be promoted
  • Assisting in editing competitions and invitations for tenders
  • Project design and creation of initiatives to empower local actors

Assistance in doing business

  • Assistance and flanking service to develop non-profit cultural organisations and cultural and creative industries
  • Support for public bodies and foundations in project design and the creation of finance and support plans for the development of cultural and creative industries
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences on the issues of cultural and creative entrepreneurship
  • Networking services


  • Since 1993 Fitzcarraldo has been holding short and annual training courses and professional development programmes, conferences and international projects focused on project management, strategic planning, marketing and fundraising, audience development. The Advanced Course for cultural project managers – CRPC – in its 22nd edition, was attended by over 450 cultural professionals, active all over the world today. In 2010 the Fitzcarraldo Foundation in partnership with the University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland and the Conservatorio of Italian Switzerland promoted the MAScult – Master in Advanced Studies in Cultural Management a biennal exec utive master’s course for arts professionals

Since 2006, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo promotes ArtLab, the most inspiring and powerful, independent platform dedicated to innovating policies, programmes and practices in and through arts and culture.