The FARO Foundation is committed to providing specialized palliative care at home and in hospices, standing by patients and their families. Founded in 1983, it has since assisted over 35,000 families, thanks to the generosity of citizens, organizations, and institutions that support its daily caregiving service.

FARO also takes a leading role in supporting families facing challenges through its psychological support service and the Fragile Families Protection Project. The Foundation is actively involved in palliative care research.

Its multidisciplinary team includes volunteers who formed the “Amici della FARO” association in 2005.

In 2023, FARO celebrates its first 40 years of service with a rich calendar of educational, informative, and cultural events for the entire community to raise awareness and promote the culture of palliative care.


The FARO Foundation follows a care model that addresses every aspect of the individual. In this model, the patient is at the center of their care journey, and all caregivers are present to ensure the best quality of life, including support for their family.

FARO firmly believes in upholding the right (Law of March 15, 2010, No. 38 – “Provisions to guarantee access to palliative care and pain therapy”) of individuals with chronic and progressive diseases to receive specialized assistance, in their own homes and in hospices, with the comfort and affection of their loved ones.

The FARO Foundation also believes that vulnerable family units should be better protected and that palliative care should be known and accessible to all.


The FARO Foundation is committed every day to ensuring that every sick person can receive the palliative care they need based on the best scientific evidence and ministerial organizational models: early palliative care (early intervention of palliative care in patients with advanced chronic degenerative diseases); simultaneous care (palliative care in patients still receiving active treatment); and specialized palliative care in the last months of life, at home and in hospices. FARO is dedicated to promoting and spreading the culture of palliative care to increase the number of patients who can benefit from highly specialized assistance.