Experientia is an independent international experience and service design consultancy. Our expertise is UX, and our business is providing you with the best behavioral insights and the best design solutions.

We design product and service strategies that work, by building a deep understanding of who your customers are, why they act the way they do, and how to impact their behavior.

Working with you, not just for you

Whether you’re a big player (like the Fortune 500 companies we’ve worked for) or a growing entrepreneur (like the local Italian companies we support), we build a team structured around your needs, and create open, collaborative work processes. We invite our clients to be involved in research and participatory design, actively contributing ideas and feedback to the project.


We’re pretty cosmopolitan! With around 14 languages spoken on staff, and people from around the world, we know the importance of culture, from business culture to national culture.

Of course, we should mention that we have experts in strategy, design, usability, cognitive and social psychology, ethnographic and user research, information architecture, prototyping and programming.