ESSEDARII SRL SB is a Benefit Company that is developing an App, called WeGlad, that aims to gather reliable data concerning the accessibility of indoors & outdoors, of facilities and streets, to ease mobility and autonomy of people with various mobility impairments. Along with the map and intelligent navigation system, WeGlad is also creating a community and a virtual space, similar to a social network, that wants to catalyze connections, information and interactions between normal bodied people and people with difficulties and disabilities, for a major and more aware social inclusion.

WeGlad was born to:

  • Solve the heavy prombles concerning mobility of people with disabilities in the cities;
  • Remove social barriers by extending the solution to all citizens through engaging tools and rewarding paradigms such as gamification and educational content:
  • Be a valid ally for Municipalities and Public Administrations by enabling them to track the urban accessibility status and it’s issues, generating new innovative solutions.