Eretica is an IT tech and consulting company aiming to support companies’ decision-making process and the usage of IT solutions, allowing our clients to fully focus on their business.

We are all aware that activities could be better set up and that mistakes and habits keep repeating no matter the efforts. Eretica is born by this dissatisfaction feeling with the goal of disrupting unsuitable technical practices, acting through kindness, transparency and mutualism.

Eretica provides IT operation management and systems administration services, through a customized method that includes a detailed analysis of the conditions and expectations, project development and solutions documentation, people training and ongoing sharing of information.

Eretica peculiar consultancy approach allows strong adaptation to different necessities, defining the company as a strategic partner for those companies in need of IT infrastructure management, efficiency, and safety.

The use of agile methods allows Eretica team to identify, organize and coordinate clients’ needs. We like building teams that work, because we like people: Eretica suggests organizations’ improvements through non-hierarchical, cross-functional and goals-oriented management methods.

Eretica is also born as a Benefit Corporation, so the company is committed to generating a positive impact in our local community, on the environment, on people working with and for us, and generally, we do care about all Eretica’s stakeholders. The team teaches clients about resources efficiency, environmental aware decisions and about employees’ happiness and quality of life.

This is why Eretica is born and how our beliefs are embedded in our way of consulting: we work with our partners and clients to define smart, sustainable and impactful methods to do business.