Drimlab is an innovative cooperative startup, founded in late 2021, whose mission can be described by the keyword “Applied Games” which are video games and digital applications that exploit the logic of game design to achieve a purpose other than pure entertainment.

Through an integrated offering of applied gaming experiences and data analytics tools, Drimlab enables organizations pursuing social impact goals to “get in the game” to test and develop innovative services for citizens.

Gaming experiences, customizable by target audience, functionality and mode of use, are divided into two categories: Immersive Experience (designed and optimized for fruition in dedicated gaming stations and/or immersive and interactive rooms) and Virtual Experience (usable on the web via browser, mobile app or VR visors).

In the past year, Drimlab has founded DrimCity, a virtual place created to develop and bring to life the virtual experiences with social impact on which it works; this is becoming, as was hoped from the start, a real virtual community for social impact in the real.

DrimCity is, in fact, a representation of a smart social city, a city of the future focused on sustainability and social impact, and its inhabitants are organizations that have in their mission the generation of social impact and wish to “get involved” by designing, prototyping and delivering their services through a two-way and synergistic relationship between physical and virtual reality. The Smart Social City is, of course, open to all visitors, who can interact with the interactive content, live the experiences by taking advantage of the services offered by the inhabitant organizations, and participate in all public initiatives taking place in the common areas of DrimCity.

Drimlab’s dream is to use the potential of technologies and game design to incentivize active citizenship and generate real positive change.