Dalla Stessa Parte is a type “B” social cooperative according to Law 381/91, founded in Ciriè in 1983 thanks to the vision of the “founding father” Franco Malerba, who became paraplegic at the age of 18 due to a road accident. Feeling excluded – after the accident – from the world of work, Franco decided to cure himself by taking care of others first, supporting citizens with disabilities, mental suffering and other disadvantaged situations, in order to promote social inclusion and inclusion. working life of those who are often excluded from the world of work.

The mission of the Cooperative has always been to create the conditions and implement interventions so that the empowerment of disadvantaged, disabled or unemployed people occurs successfully.

Currently, its team is made up of 19 worker-cooperator members and other volunteer members who contribute to the cause with their commitment.

The Cooperativa Dalla Stessa Parte has obtained UNI EN ISO9001:2015 certification, confirming its commitment to the quality of the services offered, and setting itself as an example of how it is possible to join forces to overcome barriers and create opportunities for all, with the aim of building a more inclusive and supportive future.

The main services offered by the Cooperative are the following:

  1. Laboratory, for the outsourcing of production processes and social integration.
  2. Grab, for the integrated reception of migrants and asylum seekers and the inclusion of citizens.
  3. Active policies, for orientation, job placement, and consultancy for companies.
  4. MEL, social beekeeping project.
  5. Green Project, for the maintenance of green areas and urban furnishings, both public and private.
  6. Food HUB, for the recovery and redistribution of food surpluses.