Togheter to always do better

The CSVnet Piedmont regional confederation was born from the experience of the five Volunteer Service Centers that have been operating for over twenty years in the territories of Turin, Cuneo, Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Vercelli, Novara and VCO.

The CSVs have decided to join forces, further structuring the level of their pre-existing collaboration, in order to create a new associative reality capable of systematizing the skills of the individual Centers.

Representing Piedmontese volunteering in the best possible way, promoting the culture of solidarity, with particular attention to young people, communicating in a united manner with regional and national bodies, organizations and institutions, while respecting individual territorial realities, are the priorities of CSVnet Piemonte.

Regional branch of CSVnet, with which it shares inspiring principles and the vision of the Service Centers as agencies for the development of volunteering in the territories, CSVnet Piemonte sets itself the task of qualifying and supporting the activities of its members, in the interests of Third Sector Bodies and volunteers.

Common actions regarding volunteer training, promotion of volunteering among Third Sector organisations, targeted communication campaigns, are carried out thanks to the synergistic work of the operators working within the Centres, through integrated programming, managed directly by the Confederation or through the individual CSV members.

The strengths of the Confederation which represents over 1000 Third Sector bodies and which wants to consolidate itself as a new important representative of the non-profit sector at a local and national level, are the widespread presence in the territories and the excellent knowledge of the realities in which the members operate.

Among the activities promoted to date by CSVnet Piemonte are the campaign to promote youth volunteering “Get out of the screens“, the information workshops aimed at ONLUS that intend to register for RUNTS and the conference “Development prospects for the territory and the community. Together to always do better, VOLUNTEERING in PIEDMONT“.