The Cooperative CIRP (Creare Integrazione, Resilienza, Possibilità), is a Type A social cooperative that offers social and health interventions for people who, when a neurological disorder occurs, undergo communicative, cognitive, psychological and social changes.
Our mission is to work with the person and his or her family for the improvement of their quality of life, for the acquisition of the greatest possible autonomy and for social inclusion.

Ours is a pathway that represents a ‘bridge’ between the rehabilitative health sphere and the more personal and social sphere. A pathway consisting of three successive steps:

  • work on Resilience
  • work on Integration and facilitation of autonomy
  • work on the Possibility of social participation through employment projects in the area.

We believe in the strength of co-design and the activation of services that can fit in where local authorities need support. We are currently working on:

  • CAD – “Il Molo” Daytime Activity Centre with the City of Turin and Asl City of Turin
  • Social Inclusion Plan with the City of Turin
  • Aphasia intervention with the Carlo Molo Foundation

Our path is also fuelled by:

  • Importance of assessing the social impact of our interventions
  • Attention to research
  • Importance to training
  • Artistic and cultural projects