Contrametric Ensemble is a musical institution born during the COVID-19 pandemic (September 2020), driven by an ambitious vision and animated by a group of young talented musicians. The health emergency has clearly shown the precariousness of the world of performing arts. Musicians have always faced innumerable difficulties: high unemployment, inadequate salaries, and low social consideration. Contrametric Ensemble aims to be a safe haven where young people can grow artistically and have a direct approach to the profession of the musician. Our primary goal is a continuous collaboration between artists coming from different backgrounds that can give life to original and innovative projects, offering broad concert proposals.

With its new, effective, and an all-embracing model, Contrametric Ensemble has shown how new and valid cultural realities can be born and be operative in a short time, giving young professionals a chance to carry out their artistic activity worthily in a stimulating environment, where everyone is given the same opportunity for professional growth and enhancing talented and deserving musicians: this is meant as a concrete response to the needs of a sector that has been neglected for years and has been seriously damaged by the pandemic. Furthermore, musicians are involved in the institution’s management and in the creation of new and intriguing artistic projects. Contrametric Ensemble intends to create a multi-disciplinary cooperative network with other artistic and cultural organizations, offering chamber music and symphonic concerts where different composition styles are connected in a single artistic concept, decentralizing artistic proposals by bringing concerts in different areas of the city and the suburbs, as a proof to the fact that what we do belongs to those who support us, wherever they are.


Strong of a large and young membership, Contrametric Ensemble approaches new artistic realities by focusing on bringing musical culture in a widespread and accessible way to all. This inclusive development plan expects not only the active participation of artists in the management of the institution but also fluid interchangeability between chamber music groups and the full orchestra.


Our initiatives will contribute to the revival of the economy and the development of local businesses through:

  • actions and ventures related to the concept of “sharing economy” (the sharing of goods and services that aims to optimize costs and facilitate the organization of events on the territory)
  • service agreements with small and medium-sized tourism enterprises in the areas where the concerts will take place.