The Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro was established in March 1998 to give a more consistent voice to the experiences gained in the field of work placements of individuals from the area of discomfort and to provide a logistical and organisational response to the work sector of the Gruppo Abele association, the Emanante entity. Since its beginnings, CSAL has carried out an in-depth reflection on work placements, in concert with the 3 member cooperatives and all those territorial realities that are committed to this issue in various ways (Arcobaleno, Ponte Vecchio and la Rosa Blu).

CSAL has ministerial authorisation for the matching of labour supply and demand (SAL), and is accredited by the Piedmont Region as a guidance and training agency. It is also enrolled in the first section of the Register of Associations and Bodies carrying out activities in favour of immigrants under the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.

It employs qualified staff as career counsellors, work placement tutors, psychologists, case managers and trainers. It implements numerous training, orientation and work placement projects aimed at different types of disadvantaged users, including the disabled, ex-drug addicts, prison area, refugees, transgender people, young people and the unemployed in general, aimed at the social and work inclusion of people and supporting their participation in the life of the territory. CSAL operates locally, nationally and at European level in collaboration with the Consortium’s member cooperatives, Job Centres, partner enterprises, public administrations, private social organisations and third sector organisations.

The Consortium co-ordinates the national network of the Biennial of Proximity – the review of proximity experiences (website) and participates in the work of the 14 July Association, composed of social cooperatives for social inclusion working in the environment; it is a member of ENSIE, Libera, Lega coop sociali, CRVG and CNCA.