CAAT SCPA – Centro Agroalimentare di Torino

The Centro Agro Alimentare di Torino (CAAT) is among the top three Agro-Food Centers in Italy. Located in the municipalities of Rivoli and Grugliasco, it stands out as one of the most modern facilities nationally, facilitating wholesale trade activities for agro-food products. The enclosed area includes buildings, parking lots, green spaces, and road facilities.

The Center currently ensures optimal accessibility and purchasing opportunities for fruits and vegetables, acting as a connecting link between production areas and final consumer destinations.

Internally, it hosts significant entrepreneurial entities specializing in the wholesale trade and, in some cases, the processing of fruit and vegetable products. The CAAT establishes a dense network of actors capable of completing the entire life cycle of a fruit and vegetable product: sourcing, storage, processing, and marketing. As a result, the Center becomes a meeting point for wholesale and retail traders, logistics operators, local producers; moreover, the strong territorial emphasis of the activity has fostered strong ties with small-scale producers and the community at large, including training institutions and volunteer organizations.