BSpace Digital Care Division is part of the TESISQUARE® ecosystem in Cherasco (CN) and from  years together with subsidiary T4MED we have been dealing with advanced Telemedicine solutions such as  devices  (Entry+, MASTER, OCTOPUS) belonging to TOTEM eViSuS® family. We supply them to ASL, RSA, ATS, Medical Centers.

We have developed the eViSuS® BASIC2 TOTEM solution with BIOCARE medical software to guarantee patients social and health integrated tele-assistence: TeleVisit and Telemonitoring in addition to the services concerning social care).

We also supply devices for the elderly to preserve their autonomy and safety AT THEIR HOME, such as wearable devices and IOT sensors with detect dangerous and critical situations and immediately alert family members and caregivers.

Our company policy is particularly oriented to solve social problems and to guarantee all people adequate levels of assistance. We can share technological skills and related application models as well as participate to the development of social projects supported by new technologies and obtain the best service performance both for assisted people and for their providers.

Our keyword is “COOPERATION”: sharing skills, knowledge, talent, information and resources to achieve a common goal.

The result of a successful cooperation is something that did not exist before, for example the solution of a problem, a new idea, improved operating models and products, a better know-how.

Choosing together the “best” solution instead of the “comfortable” one…