A Blue Company with a Green Vision

Blu Way is a young and dynamic company, characterized by transversal skills related to the world of sustainable mobility and renewable energy.

We imagine the world to be cleaner, faster, and more efficient with new forms of mobility and energy production plants, conceived with respect to human beings and in the harmony with the environment.

The origins of BLU WAY date back to 2017 when Rete S.p.A, a historic Turin-based company, leader in the fuel distribution sector with a network of over 60 owned stations, decided to launch the “Blue Project” with the aim of bringing together all the activities related to development of alternative and eco-sustainable fuels, with particular reference to liquid methane, gaseous methane and biomethane in a specific Business Unit.

By consolidating and positioning itself in the LNG and Biomethane sector, in 2022 BLU WAY took its first steps in the world of renewable energies; extremely ambitious projects that involve the production of energy generated by photovoltaic panels, installed on the ground or on shelters. The commitment, undertaken in terms of reducing pollution, doesn’t stop at mobility.

The rapid growth of BLU WAY allows us today to be one of the main players in the sustainable fuel sector and to invest in the production of energy from renewable sources, pursuing the objective of energy transition and circularity.

Our values

Today, through our work, we are committed to promoting the values of technological innovation and eco-sustainability, towards a cleaner future. At the heart of each of our projects are honesty, fairness, teamwork, collaboration with all our shareholders and, above all, the valorisation of people and their talent. Blu Way’s goal is to create an inclusive, dynamic, and rewarding work environment to encourage the development of everyone’s skills.

Our mission

  • Promoting initiatives to produce energy from clean, renewable sources
  • Promoting projects related to environmental sustainability and the energy transition of our planet
  • Enhancing the territory from the point of view of the circular economy