Berrino Printer has been in the printing, graphics and converting business since 1950.

For more than 70 years, our love for our work has guided us. We put commitment, passion and competence at the highest level. This is how we achieve the greatest satisfaction every day: that of our customers.

For decades, we have placed environmental and social sustainability at the forefront of our company vision. In 2007 we installed the first corporate PVT system in the Province of Turin and in 2019 we became the first Italian Benefit Society in the printing sector.

In our Articles of Association as a Benefit Company, we formalised five main aims of common benefit:

  • The achievement of an economic and industrial model attentive to the demands of safeguarding the planet at an environmental level
  • Contributing to the creation of social and cultural well-being
  • In general, the pursuit of the B-Corporation model
  • The search for sustainable production methods and models of technological innovation aimed at the positive transformation of economic, production, consumption and cultural paradigms, tending towards the systematic regeneration of natural and social systems
  • The collaboration and creation of synergies with non-profit organisations such as associations, foundations and the like to contribute to their development and amplify the positive impact of their work