beeozanam was born in August 2020 inside a former industrial complex in the north-west of Turin, regenerated through the European project Co-City-UIA.

It is a community hub, located in via Foligno 14, open to citizen participation and interested in stimulating the growth of a “sustainable generation”.

A hybrid space where cultural, educational and aggregative activities are produced.

An evocative location that also hosts an urban garden, an apiary and a social restaurant.

The space is co-managed through a pact of collaboration between the ass. beeozanam, consisting of 5 organizations of the third sector (OrtiAlti, Meeting Service, Minollo, ERI, Pigmenti), and the City of Turin.

beeozanam is a space open to the community that intends to leverage the short networks of neighboring neighborhoods and grow, enhancing the echo of the long networks of the city, national and international.

The co-production of social and cultural activities integrates the different missions and activities of the five associations that come together in the project beeozanam: urban regeneration and environmental sustainability, labor inclusion, training, artistic animation, youth leadership.

The activation path of beeozanam and the collaboration between the proposing associations began in 2016, the year of the realization of the ortoalto, trigger of the urban regeneration process, and throughout the path of Co-City, which began in 2017, in which the entities have co-produced and organized numerous cultural and artistic activities open to the public, aimed at defining formats to be reproposed in the programming of the community hub.