Abbonamento Musei Association was established in 1995 by the will of the Department of Culture of the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region and the Province of Turin with the aim of managing and promoting city events related to cultural promotion. Since 1998, the Association has been in charge of the management and promotion of the Museum Pass, which is today the heart of its activities.

Today the Founding Members are the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and the CRT Foundation, Ordinary Members the Lombardy Region, the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta and the National Museum of the Risorgimento. “The Association has as its purpose the promotion and coordination of cultural initiatives and events aimed at spreading and improving the knowledge and use of museums and the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Turin, Piedmont and other Italian territorial realities” (cit. Art. 3 Statute) To achieve the statutory purposes, the Association organizes events and demonstrations, publishing and promotional activities, carries out research and consultancy activities in the field of enhancement and development of services to the public, promotes and implements services for institutions and places of culture.