180 Degrees Consulting Turin, the esteemed branch of the world’s largest university-based consultancy for nonprofits and social enterprises. Our mission is rooted in empowering socially-focused organizations and early-stage startups to scale their impact and create lasting change in our community.
We were born in 2014 and since then it is a lot more than just a network of university students. At 180 Degrees Consulting Turin, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and pro-bono consulting services to our clients. Our team of passionate and talented students collaborates closely with these organizations to offer valuable insights, innovative strategies, and practical solutions to their challenges.

We also organize business cases trainings, business games, workshops in partnership with companies and professionals (generally ex-alumni) both based in Italy and abroad.

Through our work, we aim to bridge the gap between the social sector and aspiring leaders like you. We understand that driving positive change requires the right mix of expertise, dedication, and vision. We are a passionate and dedicated team of peers who work together to improve the community we live in, sharing goals, and build on each other’s ideas. Our branch invests in students and young people with innovative ideas, an entrepreneurial mindset, and cares to have an impact. Through passionate training and effective mentorship provided by our team and our advisors working in the consulting industry, we improve always more our skills.