The event aims to comment, from a civil, notarial and tax point of view, the first months of operation of the RUNTS. In particular, through the concrete experiences of the speakers and the comparison with the participants, the meeting will try to highlight critical issues, doubts and evaluations, including opportunities, related to the registration to the RUNTS by institution already established or in the process of being established.

The aim of the event is to provide concrete ideas regarding crucial phases of the registration process, from the preliminary activity of notarial competence, to the drafting or adaptation of the statutes, the tax profiles and access to the 5×1000 contribution.


Lawyer Emiliano Giovine, “Civil law profiles and statutory requirements for RUNTS registration”
Dr. Gabriele Gili, “Preliminary activities and acts preliminary to RUNTS registration; the notary’s control”
Dr. Sergio Saracino, “Fiscal profiles and assessments related to RUNTS registration”

The event will be held at Open Incet – Piazza Teresa Noce, 17d.