Research at national level indicates a general interest of SMEs for digital transformation: they declare that they will invest in technologies such as Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Blockchain over the next three years, but training for the development of digital skills is still lacking. and a correct approach to organizational change.

In this context, intermediaries play a key role in accelerating the success of the digital transformation process of SMEs.

The Smart Space project organizes the course “Digital transformation, an opportunity for SMEs”. In Turin the course is organized by CSP and is si aimed to support the role of intermediaries (operators of Chambers of Commerce, Innovation Poles) providing a free course of 40 hours starting on 28 November and ending in February 2019.-

The course is held by experts and is organized in collaboration with the Università di Torino – Dip. di Management and  Polo MESAP.


PROGRAM   –  PDF  corso formazione smart space

  • 28/11/2018 Industry scenarios 4.0 M. Pollone
  • 10/12/2018 Tools for SMEs and intermediaries M. Pollone
  • 17/12/2018 and 8/1/2019 Digital transformation and organizational changes: impact on businesses and new scenarios Paola DeBernardi and Pier Carlo Rossi (Univ. Torino)
  • 15/1/2019 and 17/01/2019 Introduction to the enabling technologies of the sector 4.0 – S.Sella – CSP
  • Gennario 2019 Case studies (2-4 study visits at companies) R. Caminiti (Mesap)
  • February 2019 The approach with companies: tools and methods and follow-up of the training program R. Caminiti (Mesap) and CSP

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The  Smart Space  Project

The SMART-SPACE project aims to strengthen cooperation within the innovation system to promote digital smart solutions in the traditional industrial sectors, foreseen in the various S3 regional strategies.


It will identify a strategy for the manufacturing sector in the Alpine Space, able to combine Alpine economic-social challenges, geographical and industrial peculiarities, environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship;
establish an Alpine strategic partnership to implement a joint action plan, supported by a Digital Innovation Hub, a center of expertise to help all actors in innovation and drive growth and alpine welfare.
The project has also prepared a work platform to which it is possible to register

Regions involved: Lombardia | Veneto | Piedmont | Bayern | Baden-Wurttemberg | Salzburg | Vienna | Alsace | Auvergne-Rhonè Alpes | Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur | slovenia

Financing Program: Alpine Space

Participants: A consortium of 14 partners, led by the Venice Chamber of Commerce.

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