Città di Torino

Torino Social Impact is a platform that aggregates companies, public and private institutions aiming to implement a strategy for the development of high-tech social entrepreneurship in the Turin metropolitan area.


The strategy is based on the belief that there is an interesting opportunity for Turin’s social and industrial development at the intersection between the city’s historic vocation for social entrepreneurship, the density of technological capabilities in the area and the presence of important financial investors oriented towards social impact.

The initiative stems from the observation that a new generation of innovators, companies and financial investors is emerging globally. By leveraging on the opportunities offered by new technological infrastructures, these actors can combine the ability to intentionally produce positive social impacts with the sustainability and economic and financial profitability of their initiatives. Intentionally producing social impacts means concretely finding answers and solutions to emerging social needs, therefore changing the living conditions of people in a meaningful and permanent way.

This initiative aims to make Turin the main European ecosystem for high-tech social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

>> Torino Social Impact / Memorandum of Understanding (updated: July 2019)